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        Hey there,


        we are using a Mobile Measuring Partner to watch the performance of our Search Ads and we always have different numbers between this two systems. We found some reasons for this difference (iOS-bug-version and "LAT on"-Users). Now the MMP Account Manager says, there are also a lot of users, who just download the app, but don't open it. She says 10 % of all downloads from Search Ads are affected by this user behavior. Can you share some of your experience? What is this rate (download, but don't open the app) in your app?


        Thank you guys!

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          I work for an agency where we have our own Search Ads platform (www.blackbox-platform.com) where we often see this. I can't give specific figures of clients but it varies from account to account.


          MMPs only work when the app is opened as the code lies within the app and is only called once the app has been opened whereas Search Ads gets exact data from the App Store when an app is downloaded rather than opened.


          We work closely with Apple and they have told us that around 20-25% of users have LAT turned on so there can be huge discrepencies within the data but again, it is different on a per app basis.