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        I am using FairPlay streaming to stream encrypted HLS content to my app. Here is the code I use to playback content:


        func load(url: URL) {
            if let currentAsset = self.avPlayer.currentItem?.asset as? AVURLAsset {
                self.contentKeySessionManager?.removeContentKeyRecipient(recipient: currentAsset)
            let urlAsset = AVURLAsset(url: url)
            self.contentKeySessionManager?.addContentKeyRecipient(recipient: urlAsset)
            let playerItem = AVPlayerItem(asset: urlAsset)
            self.urlAssetObserver = urlAsset.observe(\AVURLAsset.isPlayable, options: [.new, .initial]) { [weak self] (urlAsset, _) in
                guard let strongSelf = self, urlAsset.isPlayable == true else { return }
                strongSelf.avPlayer.replaceCurrentItem(with: playerItem)
                if(playerItem.status == .readyToPlay) {
                    strongSelf.internalState = .Paused

        I am using AVContentKeySession to handle getting the ckc. However, my crash reporting sends me the following crash report:


        Fatal Exception: NSInternalInconsistencyException

        AVAsset failed to associate with AVContentKeySession


        This happens out in the wild. It crashes on line 8 above.

        self.contentKeySessionManager?.addContentKeyRecipient(recipient: urlAsset)


        I can't find any documentation on this crash. Does anyone know what would cause it?