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        I hope that someone can help me with this because I am desperate. I have been distributing our apps with over the air enterprise distribution before without any problems. The problems started after I installed XCode 10.1. Now, when I create a package, I upload all the files to the server, and try to download the app on one of our iPads, I get that icon that looks like a blueprint showing that the download is starting, and then it stops. It never downloads the app, nor does it display any messages. It just stays like that with the bluprint icon and the app doesn’t open of course.


        I checked that all certificates and provsioning profiles are good. I even revoked and recreated them a few times. I can build the app directly to the iPad, no problem. I can install the app to the iPad from the same files I upload to the server with the Apple Configurator (I have to trust the certificate of course). So everything seems to be working fine, except for the app installing over the air. Yes, I do have an https website, the manifest file is properly linked, and all of those things are fine, just like before when things were working.


        I have gone through all articles on this, Stackoverflow, forums, etc. I haven’t found a solution yet. Most articles online are also for lower XCode versions. Articles for XCode 10.1 are very rare, and there are significant changes in this version in where things are and how things are done. Even the Apple developer help uses lower XCode versions in their articles. 


        I have been stuck for days, and I really need to solve this problem. Any help is greatly appreciated because I am becoming desperate.