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        When I use the activeConversation?.insert(message:completionHandler:) method in the MessagesViewController, what would happen if the image in the layout property of the message object is too large in either visible scale or bulk size of data? Is there any such limits? I wonder if this is causing an error when I execute that statement without making sure the image is small enough.

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          The thread on adding mediaURL videos having problems suggests there may be an upper limit. I have not found any docs.


          See also that poster's github repo


          Note that the docs for mediaFileURL say A media file used to represent the message in the transcript.


          Similarly for image it says An image used to represent the message in the transcript.


          I think the key word here is represent - this is not a major data transport. Note that the url of the message is documented as limited to a mere 5,000 characters.


          I'm fairly sure the intent is to use attachments to transport large media, which provides for async I/O. If you think of your representational media as being something that needs to be sent within a fairly real-time compact message block, that may help with your design.