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        When using any playground with the new iPad Pro 11" the "suggestions" at the bottom of the screen don't work, they show some corrupted image with some graphics vs the fonts (see attached image), I am using iOS 12.1. If I test with my iPad Pro 12.9 (second generation, not the last one) they work right away, do you know what might be the problem.


        NOTE 1: I've noticed that if I type anything (garbage) and then delete it, the suggestions will start working, if I switch to another app and comeback to Swift Playgrounds it will revert back to the corrupted image for the suggestions buttons.


        NOTE 2: I am using the new Apple external folio keyboard


        I think there is something wrong with the new Aspect Ratio of the iPad Pro 11" because the characters in the suggestions line look shifted or out of alignment. After some experimentation I found out workarounds to temporary fix it: if I press any of the following characters Q, X or Y (there are NO suggestions for these characters) and then the DELETE key, it will start working, as soon as I switch to another application or check the documentation (right pane), where the suggestions BAR will disappear I will face the same problem again, misalignment, and I will have to use the work around again, VERY annoying.