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        We have just had one of our apps rejected for reasons I understand but have appealed from what we believe are valid arguments and await a response to our appeal.


        However, going back into the MyApps Dashboard 36 hours later I find that the app is no longer present in the dashboard but appears in 'Apps Removed from Account' section. I have never experienced this before but this may be a new feature of the store submission process. Our concern is that the app has been removed from our account in error and is therefore no longer on someone's review queue to process our response to the rejection.


        We ask therefore, has anyone else experienced a rejection and the app moved to the 'Removed' section but the app continued through it's appeal process as normal? If yes, then that gives us confidence that the app is still in the review cycle and we can sit back and wait for feedback.


        However, the reason we question whether this is the new 'normal' process is that while the app is in the 'Removed from Account' state, there is no longer protection for the App Name so someone could come along and use the same name while we await our appeal results. If successful we would not then be able to release under it's present name. This does not feel like the Apple way and therefore raises the question on whether the App appeal is actually still in review.


        Welcome any experiences from fellow developers that could put our mind at rest or comment from Apple to confirm whether our app name is at risk during the appeal process and if so whether this is seen as being a valid sitution.




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          If you to ASC/MyApps and click on 'All Statuses' on the right, do you see a type labeled 'Removed from Account'?


          Did you receive an email from Apple informing you that the app was removed from the store/your account? Was the app ever in the store? Was it in the store up until 36 hrs. ago?

               >able to release under it's present name


          Why not simply attempt to stage a new app using the name in question. If you are blocked from using the name in that example, it will tell you that it is (a) either still linked to the app in question, or that (b/c) you are blocked from using it, and/or that someone else has already grabbed it.


          If you are not blocked from using that name for a new app, it will tell you that (d) the app in question is MIA.