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        I am building a tvOS app with TVML's search template, and I am getting a bug, in which all user arrow inputs are blocked.


        Our app use case call for immediate page change after the search return one and only one result.

        Say, we have a dictionary of ["apple", "boy", "cat"];

        When user input "ap", we know for sure that they mean apple, and rather than having them to move down to the apple icon and click it, we redirect them directly to the "apple"'s TVML page.


        However, if the user were using dictation and did not release the voice button before we do the page switch, the user would end up in a state in which none of the arrow buttons works. Menu and Click work so I can confirm that it affects all pages in the whole app, including the native objective c content.



        I guess the solution is to wait until they release the voice button before we do the jump. However, as far as my research goes, I can not find a way to listen to this event, like dictationStarted or dictationEnded.

        Wondering if

        a) this arrow key trapping issue is a known bug and if so, what's the ETA of the fix?

        b) if there are any ways I can detect user finishing dictation