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        I have been used three apps that I developed almost 2 years ago and they share a same set of data offered by CloudKit.


        Today, when I and my team tried to use such apps we identified that the following error is happening.


        save(register:) <CKError 0x1c404f720: "Permission Failure" (10/2007); server message = "CREATE operation not permitted"; uuid = E56ADC98-C456-4021-AEE5-5FE60D33D994; container ID = "iCloud.LES.TimeSheet">


        We did not make any change in code. So, for us it was a surprise.


        Next, we looked the "secutiry roles" tab and we left the permission "create" and "write" to the authenticated role to all record types.


        With the apple id that created the container is working. However, the other apple ids (our users) is not working more the write action, i.e., to save new records. The reading action is working. We desire to go on saving in Record Types that we created, as we made.


        Please, if anyone can help me, I appreciate.

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          It is working now!!


          I could realize that some users were connected in their iCloud, but they needed to perform the second verification factor (related to the password of their apple ids). Those users without the second factor confirmed, they did not save new data in RecordTypes. They got only to read data. After to confirm the second factor users are using the app as previously.

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            In either you simulator or your iDevice, go to settings and sign-in to Apple's iCloud.  Users are not allowed to write (CREATE) to CloudKit databases unless signed-in. 


            Signing-in, via Settings, will get rid of 10/2007 "Permission Failure" "CREATE...." error.