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        tl;dr don't need microphone access, not sure why system thinks I do, want to stop message from appearing with each simulator launch.


        I recently upgraded our dev machine to Mojave.  I waited because I didn't want any unexpected surprises with our project to delay us.  Unfortunately I ran into one problem that is driving me crazy.  Every time I launch my app in the simulator the mac asks me "(appName) would like to access the microphone." with an "Allow" or "Cancel" button.  My app has no intentional microphone access.  (Note: My app does ask for photo album access but I am not sure why that would be relevant.)


        In any case, I would like to disable this dialog in any way possible. Any of the following are accetable to me.

        1. Removing offending code when run in the simulator (but like I said I don't know what is causing it).

        2. Some way of whitelisting my app?

        3. Some change to the system settings to prevent the dialog from appearing.


        Please help!!


        MacOS: 10.14

        XCode: 10.1