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          As we know,macOS mojave 10.14 have an new security & privacy feature that when app need access to camera or microphene ,they must first request  user's permission,then the app will be added to the correspond device permission list ,this feature is the same as ios.

          My app named CCLiveForMac ,however ,come across a headache problem after upgrade to macOS mojave 10.14.Simply, when My app  get the permisson to access microphone from user ,then it is ok to be added in device permission list  In Security & Privacy Dialog.

        unfortunately, when I want to cancel the permission by unChecked myApp,then Security & Privacy dialog quit unexpectedly with the prompt                                    

                            "Preference error "

                  "There was  an error in Security & Privacy Preference"

        I don't know this prompt mean deeply! then I try to solve this problem as these two methods :

        1、 add NSCameraUsageDescription  and in NSMicrophoneUsageDescription to info.plist https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1470833

        2、add entitlements info when codesign  https://objective-see.com/blog/blog_0x2F.html

        Both of these two method cannot solve my problem, which realy frustrated me.Anyone who can help me to solve this problem ,I will appreciate very much !