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        It is a painful work to edit bidi text in text editors, because text selection is not intutive; the caret goes opposit direction, even selecting exactly one rtl (right-to-left) word is difficult or seemingly impossible in some cases.


        For me, at least text editing, it is much more important that

        (1) rtl words are rendered as reverse direction (with each of their glyphs mirrored);

        thus text can be selected as ltr text, regardless of their bidirectionality,

        than (2) bidi texts are correctly rendered.


        Those rtl words are essentially same as encrypted tokens for me, and most of work on such words are done with simply via copy and paste.


        As far as I know, there is no software that have the feature (1).


        If the system-level “mirror rendering mode” such as (1) is available, and text editing softwares incorpolate such feature, it may greatly help many editing works on bidi text.