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        Sorry if this is the wrong group, I couldn't a find a PDFKit specific group.


        I have an app that downloads a PDF consent form that the user can ask a client to sign and have it sent back to a server.


        I can download and display the PDF but I'm struggling with the signature bit. The code below will draw a box with a cross in it on the simulator but isn't allowing the mouse to draw a signature.


        The documentation on this seems a bit light.


        Has anybody got the signature to work?


        My PDFView has some code:

         PDFView *view;
           view.autoScales = NO ;
           view.displayDirection = kPDFDisplayDirectionVertical;
           view.displayMode = kPDFDisplaySinglePageContinuous;
           view.displaysRTL = YES ;
           [view setDisplaysPageBreaks:YES];
           [view setDisplayBox:kPDFDisplayBoxTrimBox];
           view.document = _dataLink.pdf;
           // This locates the one occuarnce that I need to find.
           NSArray *searchResults = [view.document findString:@"Signauture:" withOptions:NSLiteralSearch];
           if (searchResults.count > 0)
             // If multiple signature blocks found use the last one.
             PDFSelection *i = [searchResults objectAtIndex:searchResults.count - 1];
             PDFPage *page = [i.pages objectAtIndex:0];
             page.displaysAnnotations = YES;
             CGRect r = [i boundsForPage:page]; // CGRect of the search string.
             r.size.width = 360; // make it bigger so that the user has room to sign.
             r.size.height = 65;
             PDFAnnotation *ann = [[PDFAnnotation alloc] initWithBounds:r
             PDFBorder *border = [[PDFBorder alloc] init];
             border.lineWidth = 2.0;
             ann.border = border;
             ann.color = [UIColor blueColor];
             ann.backgroundColor = [UIColor darkGrayColor];
             ann.widgetFieldType = PDFAnnotationWidgetSubtypeSignature;
             ann.fieldName = @"Signature";
             ann.caption = @"Signature:";
             ann.shouldDisplay = YES;
             ann.shouldPrint = YES;
             [page addAnnotation:ann];
             // Just in case any of these make a differemce - no they don't
             [view setNeedsDisplay];
             [view annotationsChangedOnPage:page];