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        Hi, I'm updating a game I haven't touched in a while which supports turn based gaming with Game Center. I have 2 version of the app, one for iOS and one for macOS. They have always supported playing turn based games across platforms.


        I have updated the app and the turn based gaming works perfectly on iOS (both simulator and on devices), however now as I turn my attention to testing the macOS version I noticed an issue. The matches that are accessible across all iOS devices are not there on the macOS version for the same login, it's as if it's a completely separate app.


        I have verified that the provisioning profiles are correct, entitelements are enabled and in App Store Connect both the iOS and macOS version have Game Center turned on and compatibility between the two is enabled. So everything seems to be setup correctly but it's just not finding those matches and this is the case across multiple Macs and accounts. This had always worked fine previously.


        Has anyone else ran into this issue? Am I missing something? The docs for this all seem to be quite old.