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        I have an app that queries the public database for my custom container. It used to work fine till I just made some changes and ran it with the debugger, but now I can't stop getting this error about Internal Error: "Signature required"


        This is what I see when I print the error's userInfo:


        CKErrorDescription = "Signature required";

            NSDebugDescription = "CKInternalErrorDomain: 2005";

            NSLocalizedDescription = "Signature required";

            NSUnderlyingError = "<CKError 0x2800c47b0: \"Internal Error\" (2005); \"Signature required\">";



        I'm using this on an iOS12 device (not simulator) with a valid iCloud account (same one I've always used).


        I've tried:

        - rebooting phone and Mac

        - logging into CloudKit dashboard, from the Mac, which works fine

        - checked Xcode - target -> App Capabilites ... everything looks fine



        Can anyone point out what else I can try? Or where I can look for diagnosing the issue?