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        I have a brand new iMac,

        I'm using xCode 10.

        I am registered as an iOS developer with Apple.


        I am trying to compile an application for Ad-Hoc Distribution.

        When I try to Archive the app the build fails with this error:


        "Embedded binary is not signed with the same certificate as the parent app. Verify the embedded binary target's code sign settings match the parent app's.


          Embedded Binary Signing Certificate: Not Code Signed

          Parent App Signing Certificate: iPhone Distribution: <my distribution signing certificate concealed here>"


        As far as I know, I have not embedded anything with this application - no Cocoa Pods or anything else,


        In the project file:

        Under General I have set in the signing section:

        I have the same provisioning profile (an Ad Hoc Distribution profile) set for both Debug & Release

        I tried using a development & a distribution profile but xCode demands that the certificate be the same for both?? <scratch><scratch>


        No documentation I've seen here or anywhere else has accurately described a resolution to this.

        All documentation I've seen describes things that do not currently exist.


        What is the embedded binary?

        How do I sign the 'Embedded binary'?

        More importantly, how can I compile both a development & a distribution version of my application?