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        I have a problem that's driving me crazy, so any help is appreciated.


        The setup: we have a table view that's using an NSFetchedResultsController to display data. The fetch request is really simple: it loads all entities from a table, sorted by a date field. The CoreData stack uses the NSPersistentContainer, the fetch request loads from the default view context, new data is loaded from a server and saved in a background context created with newBackgroundContext(). The view context has automaticallyMergesChangesFromParent set to true.


        The problem: if an entity gets its date field updated, in a way that the sort order is changed, the NSFetchedResultsController reports the change, but only as an update, not as a move. So the cell is correctly updated with the new data, including the date, but does not change its position as it should, indexPath and newIndexPath are identical.


        Some observations: just doing tableView.reloadData() does not solve the problem, but doing a perform fetch before does. Doing the updates and save on the view context also works. But obviously, both solutions are far from ideal.


        Also: the bug only seems to happen if cells far down are updated, but if cells that are visible are updated, it usually works.


        So I suspect that the bug only occurs if entities not already fully loaded are updated. It's just weird that it recognizes the update, but not the change in the sort order.


        I also played around with merge policies, but that did not seem to change anything.


        Please help :-(