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        I installed the latest Xcode : v10 (10A255)  on  macOS Mojave v10.14 (18A391)


        > swift --version
        Apple Swift version 4.2 (swiftlang-1000.0.37.1 clang-1000.10.44)


        > swift build

        used to build my project (which uses other packages)

        but now I get:


        > swift build
        error: terminated(72): xcrun --sdk macosx --find xctest output:

        I'm not trimming anything here;  there's nothing after "output:"  the following line is empty.


        I can create a new package "swift init --type executable"; but I'll have the same error if I try to build it.


        I can't tell what's wrong here and my internet search is unfruitful so far.