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        I am trying to test something in IAP Sandbox with both old and new sand box accounts.  For sandbox accounts created before Oct. 4, 2018, everything works and I am able to complete my purchase.  However, new accounts I've created after October 4th do not work and return the error "Cannot connect to iTunes Store (code 0)" (or something like that).  Here are the steps I have taken when testing with the new accounts:


        1)  Set up new sandbox account in ItunesConnect

        2)  Vefified email.

        3)  On device, "signed out" of itunes.  Most definitely DID NOT try to sign back in with sandbox account credentials

        4)  Launched app, initiated subscription purchase trigger.

        5)  Presented with "Sign In" dialog with two choices:  "Use Existing Account" and "Cancel".

        6)  Chose "Use Existing Account".

        7)  Entered sandbox account email and password from step 1.

        8)  Purchase fails with "Cannot connect to iTunes Store 0"


        I have tried this with several new sandbox accounts, all with the same results.  The Apple Developer Status page says the sanbox is working.


        Am I doing something wrong?  Is anyone else experiencing this?