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        I was watching a video at raywenderlich.com (https://www.raywenderlich.com/3648-ios-concurrency-with-gcd-and-operations/lessons/6) and the narrator (Audrey Tam) says (verbatim), about OperationQueue management, at the 2:57 (2 minutes 57 seconds) mark:


        "If you want to do something when all the operations have finished, set up a private serial dispatch queue, where you can call the operation queues, wait until all operations are finished".


        I'm wondering if she used the wrong words for the wrong things or misspeak. Does what she said make sense? Should you ever run operation queues on a dispatch queue? Even if she meant to say "operations" instead of "operation queues", it seems counter-intuitive to use operations on a dispatch queue.


        Can someone help me out here. It will be appreciated.