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        Are there any official iOS localization style guides specifically for Japanese?


        I've pointed out to my L10n team that spaces should not be inserted before or after an English word, and they replied with the following:


        Please refer to “3.1.14 Symbols & spaces” section in the attached PDF.  It’s Microsoft’s Japanese localization Style Guide which you can download from here. Not sure if we have "company_name" version of Japanese style guide but this is comprehensive. As a software distributor for Windows platform, it’s understandable that we follow this guideline. I think it makes sense to use the same style guide for "company_brand" products across OS platforms, unless there’s OS specific style definition.


        oh my god. how can they default to a Microsoft localization style guide for localizing an iOS app?


        I've also pointed out to them that Apple's apps like Settings do not add spaces, but without an official Apple documentation the L10n team doesn't want to budge.


        thank you and sorry for ranting a little bit!