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        I am going to develop and Jewelry app which one provides a live implementation of jewelry using AR, Now I am stuck when a user moves his / her hand, I am not able to detect the hand of a user. I search and try lots of demos but can't get success.


        I checked following example


        1 ) https://www.toptal.com/swift/ios-arkit-tutorial-drawing-in-air-with-fingers


             Above link worked based on plain detection, here we need without plain detection.


        2) https://github.com/brianadvent/3DImageRecognitionAndTracking

            Above Link is based on Image detection, and we don't have any kind of predefine image over here.



        I want a similar kind of app like :




        but accurate finger and hand detection + Tracking of hand and finger.



        Could you please help me?


        Thanks in advance?