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        How do I write code that runs a block of code when a series of operations finishes? Basically I want to do with OperationQueue what I would normally do with DispatchGroup and DispatchQueue.

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          OperationQueue has some observable properties such as `operationCount`.


          Or you can use `waitUntilAllOperationsAreFinished()` when already in background thread.


          Using `dependencies` of `Operation` can be another choice.


          Which best fits for your purpose may depened on your current code. Please show your code.


          I would use `DispatchGroup` though.

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              I have made the operations to run serially in the queue by setting the max concurrent count to 1 and adding each operation to the queue to wait until finished. They are file operations, so I think they have to be done in order. I run a serios of BlockOperation objects as defined for the variable "operation". I think all I need to do is add the operation that I need to run at the end, which is defined for the variable "operationReloadData".


              Am I doing this the best way possible? You said you would use DispatchGroup. I thought Apple recommends using the highest level of abstraction.



              internal let coordinationQueue: OperationQueue = {
                  let coordinationQueue = OperationQueue()
                  coordinationQueue.name = "us.gnolaum.coordinationQueue"
                  coordinationQueue.maxConcurrentOperationCount = 1
                  return coordinationQueue


                      let operation = BlockOperation {
                          let readIntent = NSFileAccessIntent.readingIntent(with: item.url, options: [])
                          let destinationURL = self.localDocumentsURL.appendingPathComponent(item.url.lastPathComponent)
                          let writeIntent = NSFileAccessIntent.writingIntent(with: destinationURL, options: .forReplacing)
                          NSFileCoordinator().coordinate(with: [readIntent, writeIntent], queue: coordinationQueue) { error in
                              if error != nil {
                              do {
                                  try self.defaultFileManager.copyItem(at: readIntent.url, to: writeIntent.url)
                              } catch {
                      coordinationQueue.addOperations([operation], waitUntilFinished: true)


                      let operationreloadData = BlockOperation {
                          OperationQueue.main.addOperation {
                      coordinationQueue.addOperations([operationreloadData], waitUntilFinished: true)