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        I create Search Ads Campaigns using next API link: [POST] https://api.searchads.apple.com/api/v1/campaigns

        When campaign is relatively small, all goes smoothly.


        But, if I try to create campaign with ~18 AdGroups and each has more than ~1500 negative keywords, I get 504 Gateway Time-out response.

        I've tried to search through docummentation about possible API limits, but found nothing.


        Does anyone has idea how to overcome this?

        Or where may I find any information about API limits?


        Even when I try to create Campaign with 1 AdGroup with a lot of negative keywords it sometimes succeeds and sometimes not.

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          So, after investigation with Apple team, we've figured out that Search Ads Campaign API can't process big amount ~25k negatives at one time. Solution is to create campaign first and then update it with adgroup one by one.