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        I'm having problems getting my app notarized with Apple from the new 'Release' version of XCode 10.0 (10A255) that came out today.


        1.   I build my MacOs app with 'Hardened Runtime' enables, and deployment target set to 10.2


        2.  I select Product/Archive, and when the Organizer window appears, I select Distribute App/Developer Id, and Upload' to send it to Apple for Notarization.


        3.  In the following screen I select 'Automatically Manage Signing' when prompted.  It all builds smoothly, and I press the Upload button to send it to Apple.  The state changes to 'Processing' in the Organizer window


        4.  Shortly after this I get an e-mail from Apple "Your Mac software (bundle identifier com.blah.blah) has been notarized. You can now export this software and distribute it directly to users."


        5.  Excited, I go back to XCode, bring up the organizer.  But it still says 'Processing' against the app, and the 'Export' btton is still greyed out.


        6.  If I click the 'Show Status Log' button there, an error pops up - 'Ticket Not Found.  Failed to staple ticket to 'blah.app' because no ticket was found'.


        Is anyone else having problems like this?  Is notarization not working?  Or can anyone spot if Im doing something wrong?

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          There are many other threads on Notarization not working with that error. Surprisingly, one guy today said it worked for him, but many more it seems not. I have been trying it every day for weeks and still see this error 100% of the time.

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              It's certainly not working here (again).


              I got notarization to work a couple of times during the beta using the altool to notarize a dmg image, but that's now stopped working because the notarization service complains the binary has inappropriate entitlements.


              So now I'm trying to notarize my apps through Xcode / xcodebuild. I've gotten to the point where they archive successfully, pass the pre-flight, and upload to the notarization service.


              About three hours later I'll get an email that says "Your Mac software has been notarized. You can now export this software and distribute it directly to users" along with the UUID matching the upload.


              But when I go back to Xcode, or try to use xcodebuild -exportNotarizedApp, all I get are "Ticket not found" errors.

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              Same problem here with the final XCode 10.1.

              I have gone to the command line tools to check status:


              lionking:fj heda$ xcrun altool  --notarization-history 0  -u xxxxx -p yyyyyyy


              Notarization History - page 0

              Date                      RequestUUID                          Status  Status Code Status Message

              ------------------------- ------------------------------------ ------- ----------- ----------------

              2018-11-07 14:10:55 +0000 d45fd193-7cde-4746-9a37-1da61fdb22c2 success 0           Package Approved



              lionking:fj heda$ xcrun altool --notarization-info --uuid d45fd193-7cde-4746-9a37-1da61fdb22c2  -u xxxxx -p yyyyyyy

              2018-11-07 15:19:23.305 altool[30138:7515749] *** Error: Apple Services operation failed. Could not find the RequestUUID.


              Strangely I have had succes via the command line tool with a XCode 10 beta, where notarization-info was called eval-info, but after cleaning that beta version out no succes.