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        I am having trouble building my own Photos editing extension.


        Whenever I try to save edits to a photo that was taken in any other orientation but Landscape Left (the camera's 'native' orientation, I believe), I get the dreaded alert "Unable to Save Changes" ("An error occurred while saving. Please try again later.").


        I am basing my code on Apple's own sample code "Sample Photo Editing Extension" (source code: https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/samplecode/SamplePhotoEditingExtension/ - last modified in 2016).


        The unmodified sample code extension suffers from the issue as well.


        I have confirmed the issue on two separate devices running iOS 11.4.2 and iOS 12 GM. Maybe something changed between iOS 10 (2016) and iOS 11, that breaks the sample app, but I don't have any iOS 10 devices at hand to test this, and the Simulator does not have a camera (maybe if I import a picture to the Simulator, the orientation metadata will be preserved? Haven't tried this yet).


        I have noticed that some third party extensions on the AppStore suffer from the same issue, but not all: "Litely" breaks, but "BitCam" works flawlessly. Maybe the ones that work are aware of a workaround to the breaking change I hypothesized above.


        I have also posted a detailed question on Stack Overflow (https://stackoverflow.com/q/52384281/433373) with screenshots and all.


        Could anybody shed some light on this? It would really help.