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        Greetings --


        So teams are not allowed in an individual developer account.  Developer accounts are limited by the legal entity, and my client is an individual.  We are handcuffed by this restriction.


        The previous developer I worked with was trusted, so he had access to the individual apple developer account and was added as a developer in App Store Connect.  Everything was fine.


        I need to hire a new developer to replace the previous developer, and he is not trusted.  I have added him as a developer in App Store Connect, and I am trying to get him a developer cert without giving him access to the developer account itself.


        I sent him the instructions for generating a CSR, but he says that he can't use his own email to genereate it (despite this being the email used in App Store Connect) - he says he needs an 'Apple Account.'  (by this I'm assuming a develoepr account).  I don't see any reason why he can't generate a CSR, send it to me, I create the developer cert and send it back to him.


        Is he required to either have access to a developer account (either this individual account or a new account) in order to develop for me?


        This is also making me nervous in terms of his experience... but maybe it is me who is wrong, and he does need a developer account which he can purchase on his own.


        Thank you!