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        Hi there!


        I'm looking for some image annotation tool that could produce TuriCreate compatible annotations in JSON format. Or maybe there are some tools to convert annotations (saved in some other formats, like XML) into the JSON format compatible with TurCreate ?


        Thanks in advance


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          May be you should move the question to ML forum, you'll probably find better answers there.


          The format for annotaions seem pretty straightforward, as shown in WWDC https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2018/712/  @ 7'56



               "label" : "coffee", "coordinates" : {

                  "x"      : 387,

                  "y"      : 660,

                  "height" : 550,

                  "width"  : 814,




               "label" : "croissant", “coordinates" : {

                  "x"      : 800,

                  "y"      : 630,

                  "height" : 373,

                  “width"  : 812,




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              sorry, my bad, I was intened to put it into ML section . It's true that the format for annotations is straightforward. But what if you got more images and/or objects to mark at those images (more than one coffe and croissant ). How will you manage to mark objects on hundrets of images? That's why I was asking about some tool to manual marking objects at images


              BTW. Is there possibility to move this question to ML section ?

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              There is an inexpensive tool on the Mac App Store called RectLabel. I don't know if it directly exports a format that Turi can read, but it should be straightforward enough to write a conversion script.

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                  I've been struggling with some tools myself, but finally landed on a workflow that works for my team and I.

                  I'm using RectLabel available on MacOS -- it supports directly exporting into Turi and they provide an additional script that can convert the output CSV into an SFrame. Otherwise, you can load the CSV directly into Turi and have Turi spit out the SFrame for you. It's worked very well for me. The only downsides to RectLabel so far for me is that it is only available on MacOS and does not support team collaboration (these may or may not be an issue depending on your workflow)

                  I've also recently been dabbling with a less-robust but very efficient app on the iOS App store (iPhone and iPad) called Labelocity. It's simple and can export in CSV for both Turi and Tensorflow. This does support collaboration but at a monthly/annual fee. They don't have a desktop version available, but on iPad it seems to work fairly well. The developer also seems pretty responsive to feedback and such as the tool grows.


                  I've had minor success with LabelIMG -- It's one of the more well-known solutions if you follow various forums and tutorials online for object detection, but I've had one too many glitches with it that made decide to stop using it altogether. Others seem to have good experience with it though -- so your mileage may vary. It's a free solution and multiplatform -- so that's something.


                  I'm sure these are all temporary solutions though until Apple provides a tool for us at next year's WWDC to make image annotations easy and import directly into CreateML without any hassle and conversion. Fingers crossed!

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                  I think it's what you need. It can convert the Pascal Voc Xml to CoCo jason format.

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                    Hello, Try this. It works with both Turi Create and Create ML. It runs on iOS devices and does all the necessary conversions. Touch Annotator by Intersection Bioscientifc Software Inc. https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/touch-annotator/id1478864595