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        My App "CM Football" was rejected by Apple.




        I have this response :


        Regarding the 5.2.1 issue, your app still includes content that resembles FIFA.

        To resolve this issue, it would be appropriate to remove any terms that are a FIFA’s trademark.


        I do not understand what I have to delete, thank you for helping me !

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          They refer to this guideline


          • 5.2.1 Generally: Don’t use protected third party material such as trademarks, copyrighted works, or patented ideas in your app without permission, and don’t include misleading, false, or copycat representations, names, or metadata in your app bundle or developer name. Apps should be submitted by the person or legal entity that owns or has licensed the intellectual property and other relevant rights and is responsible for offering any services provided by the app.

          You should go to fifa site and see what resembles your app. May be the set up to present the result trees (copycat representation) ? Or the names along the countries flags.

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              Especailly the "arbre final" makes one think of material seen on FIFA website.


              Could you change the design, with something original in place of tree structure (require a bit of imagination) ? May be adding animation wherre looser would shrink and winner "jumps" into winner cell ? Or replace the flags with their emoji (they look a bit different)

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              I'd guess they're also pointing to the overall concept/idea, and not just some otherwise specific element, in which case you are forced to concede, not just make simple changes.


              You may have to admit, tho, that even the title of this thread shows your intent to capitalize on someone else's rights via trademark infringement - 'Worldcup 2018' is a trademark.

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                  You're probably on it.


                  Here are FIFA words:


                  Intellectual property



                  FIFA’s intellectual property primarily consists of trademarks such as FIFA, WORLD CUP 2018, RUSSIA 2018; designs (both registered and unregistered) and copyright as subsisting in works such as the Official Poster, Emblem, Mascot and Look artworks. FIFA has developed and protected an assortment of logos, words, titles, symbols and other trademarks which it will use, or allow others to use under a formal agreement, in relation to the 2018 FIFA World Cup™.

                  FIFA is obliged to take action against any unauthorised reproduction of its marks in a commercial context. If FIFA did not follow up on any infringements of its trademarks and copyrighted works, it would risk losing its legal right and title to such works, thereby endangering the foundation of its commercial programme.

                  In addition, FIFA’s Commercial Affiliates will only invest in the FIFA World Cup™ if they are provided with this exclusivity for the use of the marks and for any other kind of association to the event. If anyone could use the Official Marks for free and create an association with the FIFA World Cup™, there would be no reason to become a Commercial Affiliate. This would mean that FIFA could not appoint any Commercial Affiliates and would therefore not receive the revenue required to maintain the high standards expected of the FIFA World Cup™.

                  An example of the strength of FIFA’s intellectual property assets is reflected by recent research in seven key global markets where the FIFA World Cup Trophy recorded an average recognition level of 83%. These levels are significantly higher than any other sporting trophies.

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                  I think FIFA has trademarked lots of flags and symbols that you are using in your app.