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        I made a post yesterday that never got approved as far as I can see.

        Strangely, the latest post I see says it was posted 3 hours ago.

        That's the SAME POST that said it was posted 3 hours ago, YESTERDAY.


        Is this an Apple joke?

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            Claude31 Level 8 Level 8 (8,355 points)

            Moderation is certainly a difficult tack, to balance between avaoiding the forum to be flooded with junk posts and being fast enough to keep it responsive !


            The time of the post is the time of most recent answer to the post. So, even posted yesterday, it may now apperar as posted (last answer) an hour ago. Hovever, it seems that from time to time, the date of post is modified when nothing seems to have changed.


            But what's more important is the quality of the questions and the quality of answers, as well as the spirit of a helpful forum, isn't it ?


            So, what was your question ? How long will it take till you reply ? 


            Oh, BTW, the names of who posted has suddenly disappeared from this specific forum !?!