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        I've been a programmer 20 years but never tried developing for a Mac.

        I'm finding it impossible.


        OK, I'm trying to complete a tut:

        The project: http://lhuostaff.com/MacProject.htm


        It connects to a URL:


        A simple JSON array

        When it retrieves the string it tries to convert it to a JSON object:


        1. How is the function: jsonParser() getting called? I can't find it and I didn't write any code that calls it.
        2. Why am I getting this error? It happens when I click 'Go To Splitview' which opens a table view and *somehow* runs jsonParser()

        2018-08-03 15:13:15.461892-0700 JSONRemoteParser[15107:668679] Unknown class _TtC16JSONRemoteParser21DetailsViewController in Interface Builder file.


        I"ve been fighting with xCode & Swift for a week and I can't get it to do anything more than show a label.

        Please help.

        I'm learning about the attitude of Apple.
        I had to create an html page just so you could get a copy of the app.

        I guess it's *way* too much of a security risk & inconvenience to let me add an attachment to this post (sorry for the rant).
        I'm quickly learning to HATE Apple.