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        My app uses Apple Music Search to find song and  then uses SKStoreProductViewController to let  users them buy.


        On my test device I correctly see the SKStoreProductViewController  is presented how ever I can not seem to actually purchase anything. I see the "buy circle" spin. my productViewControllerDidFinish: delegate is called how ever I never recieve MPMediaLibraryDidChangeNotification. I need to know that the user has completed the purchase and down loaded the song.


        Seems like SKStoreProductViewController can not be tested in my work flow in my development environment.


        do I have to build some sort of secrete backdoor? For Example tap a button 5 times quickly to turn on teh functionality and then post log messages back to my web server to see what going on. This is going to be very painful and slow if there are any bugs.



        "trouble with SKStoreProduceViewController and MPMediaLibraryDidChangeNotification" https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/106729


        Kind regards




        p.s. I am more than happy to puchrase some stuff with real $$$ as part of my testing process.