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        I am using the new Scanning AR app to scan objects and create a 3D AR model from real live objects.


        My problem is that the output of the object is in .arobject instead of .usdz. That makes the object not viewable in the files folder as Demos of WWDC 2018.


        Has anyone been able to view the objects after scanning them with Scanning app located on https://developer.apple.com/documentation/arkit/scanning_and_detecting_3d_objects


        Help is highly appreciated.

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          Hauart Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

          Hi albaqawi,

          my experience is, that you are not able to convert an .arobject into an .usdz file.

          The thing is, that the .arobject so the scanned object is the tracking object. So it is just the reference for the tracking, it only consists of reference points. You will not be able to see it, as an CAD modell or virtual object in the scene.

          The .usdz file or modell is which you can add by converting it and loading it into Xcode is the object you will implement into the AR world. So this would be the object you will see afterwards in the scene.


          So this is how i understood it, correct me, if i am wrong.


          Best regards