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        Our app has supported the Siri messaging APIs for some time now and all was working well up until recently. It seems something changed in SiriKit when replying to a read message.


        1. Ask siri to read unread messages from <appname>
        2. An unread message is found and read
        3. Siri calls the SetMessageAttributeIntentHandler to mark the message read
        4. Siri asks the user if they would like to reply; the user says "yes"
        5. Siri calls SendMessageIntentHandler resolveRecipients. The recipients property on the INSendMessageIntent are empty!?
        6. The user is shown the UI for the reply. The UI's To: field is empty. (our app does not provide a custom UI for Siri purposes)
        7. The user is prompted for a recipient even though they are replying to a read message. Even worse, no matter the recipient given by the user the reply will be sent to the sender of the read message



        I found if the SearchForMessagesIntentHandler handle method does not return a conversationIdentifier the sender will show up in the recipients field in step #5. However, we would like to keep the conversationIdentifier. Can someone please clarify how this is supposed to work now?