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        We are trying to port our legacy webextz extension into a Safari App Extension app.


        First of all, we really lack an actual example (more than what X-Code generates or what was shown at the WDC in 2016).

        A comparison between webextz API and Safari App Extension would be helpful as it is really difficult to guess what is possible and what is not possible anymore (which seems the most common)...



        1/ Is it possible to have a toolbaritem which handles the command messages but still can open a popover?

        We can't find how to open the popover programmatically if toolbarItem Action is set to "Command"

        It would be great to be able, as in a webextz, to set popup per tab


        2/ How to close programmatically the popover (with toolbaritem Action set as Popover)?

        Tried many things, from view controller, but still unsuccessful


        3/ Will extension user settings need to be managed through the Host app?

        Meaning we can't propose settings in the Safari Preferences/Extensions?