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        When push notification is recieved and tapping on the notification opens the app and HomePage is in display.In Notification handling par,t i need to navigate to someother viewController (eg. SampleViewcontroller).SampleViewcontroller has back button.Tapping on back should come to HomePage.

        How to get my navigation controller instance in AppDelegate?

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          You mean, you want to reference navigationController in AppDelegate ?


          If I understand what you want, you could instantiate it :

          func instantiateViewController(withIdentifier identifier: String) -> UIViewController



          A storyboard represents the view controllers for all or part of your app’s user interface. Typically, view controllers in a storyboard are instantiated and created automatically in response to actions defined within the storyboard itself. However, you can use a storyboard object to instantiate the initial view controller in a storyboard file or instantiate other view controllers that you want to present programmatically.