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        Guys I'm desesperately asking help, I did a mistake when I wanting to "confirm the purchase for enroll developer program" now I have two same

        Apple Developer Program - Membership for one year


        Apple Developer Program - Membership for one year

        For the same account! How Apple didn't validate that? I don't understand why but its duplicated and worst I cannot cancel it!

        I'm not a rich guy, 99 USD is money for me and its money will be miss my account and I cannot cancel it!

        Can some body me help me how to proceed this cancel procedure? I'm desesperated trying but the website is fair from easy to use very very complicated and I'm a developer using internet since 1996 and so...

        Can somebody please explain what happens if I pay two App developer program for the same account? Why it can't be canceled'??

        orders numbers duplicated




        For God Sake Apple, please do something about it, don't allow people buy the same thing for the same account it doesn't make sense! That's your fault not mine because it just doesn't make sense at all!