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        We are currently implementing In-App Purchases for our services. From the Paid Applications Schedule 2 (Available under "Agreements, Tax, and Banking" in iTunes Connect) we learned under 3.8 and 6.3:


        "Apple will have the right to retain its commission on the sale of that Licensed Application, notwithstanding the refund of the price to the End-User."


        My interpretation from this is as follows (tax not included in this calculation):

        • Customer buys IAP for 10$ and pays to Apple.
        • Apple proceeds 7$ to us and keeps 3$ commission.
        • Customer cancels within 14 days and receives 10$ back from Apple.
        • Apple charges us 10$ (7$ from initial proceeds + 3$ for commission)


        --> Overall we lose 3$ for each IAP that is cancelled.



        We already implemented some first IAP tests and saw how some refunds were handled. Actually, Apple only asked back the initial proceeds, but NOT their 3$ for commission. This would be great news, but it doesn't match the description above.


        My questions:

        • Does Apple generally charge you the 30% commission in a refund case?
        • If not, what has to happen for apple charging you 30% in a refund case?
          • Is it the reason the customer selects when asking for a refund?
          • Is it a "penalty" for having too many cancellations?
          • Is it only for certain IAP types?


        I really appreciate if you could share some of your experience with refunds!