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        Hi guys, I'm just starting to test the AR Kit (total noob with AR) and Xcode keeps complaining when I open the app. What I basically did was to use the app Apple provides to scan my 3D object (a Mario figurine about 10 inches tall), extracted the .arobject and then load it to a new app where I want to detect it. When I launch my app it says the following:



        2018-07-02 23:40:48.708708-0600 TestAR[12290:1659519] [MC] System group container for systemgroup.com.apple.configurationprofiles path is /private/var/containers/Shared/SystemGroup/systemgroup.com.apple.configurationprofiles

        2018-07-02 23:40:48.708966-0600 TestAR[12290:1659519] [MC] Reading from public effective user settings.

        2018-07-02 23:40:48.736437-0600 TestAR[12290:1659519] [framework] -[CUINamedRecognitionGroup initWithName:contentsFromCatalog:usingRenditionKey:fromTheme:] couldn't find image named 'mario' skipping


        This is my entire code:


        import UIKit

        import ARKit


        class ViewController: UIViewController {


            @IBOutlet weak var sceneView: ARSCNView!


            override func viewDidLoad() {


                // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib.

                let configuration = ARWorldTrackingConfiguration()

                guard let referenceObjects = ARReferenceObject.referenceObjects(inGroupNamed: "AR Resources", bundle: nil) else {

                    fatalError("Missing expected asset catalog resources.")


                configuration.detectionObjects = referenceObjects

                // This line is not from Apple, just a test I was doing since there is no delegate declaration to run the renderer method, not sure if it's needed

                sceneView.session.delegate = self as? ARSessionDelegate




            func renderer(_ renderer: SCNSceneRenderer, didAdd node: SCNNode, for anchor: ARAnchor) {

                if let objectAnchor = anchor as? ARObjectAnchor {








        I already checked a thousand times and there is a Mario arboject inside AR Resources folder, and I followed every step from Apple docs. Is this a noob mistake? I'm running the lates Xcode 10 beta 2 and iOS 12


        I'll really appreciate any help