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        Hi, I'm trying to play Apple Music songs using storeID like this:


        playerController = MPMusicPlayerController.applicationMusicPlayer
        playerController?.setQueue(with: [storeID])
        playerController?.prepareToPlay() { error in
             if error == nil {


        The problem is that sometimes the playback starts as expected and sometimes just gives me this log without explaining anything else:


        [SDKPlayback] -[MPMusicPlayerController play] completed error: Error Domain=MPCPlayerRequestErrorDomain Code=1000 "Failed to send command 0" UserInfo={NSDebugDescription=Failed to send command 0, NSUnderlyingError=0x1d4a44680 {Error Domain=MPCPlayerRequestErrorDomain Code=1000 "Failed to send command 0 (MRMediaRemoteCommandHandlerStatus = 1)" UserInfo={NSDebugDescription=Failed to send command 0 (MRMediaRemoteCommandHandlerStatus = 1), MPCPlayerErrorKeyMediaRemoteCommandHandlerStatus=1}}}
        [SDKPlayback] Failed validators: {(

        I can't observe that error to try something else, cause the play() method doesn't give's any return, closure, notification, to track it.


        Do you know how can I at least observe that? Is it normal?


        I tested this in iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 beta and I'm sure that the items are available to playback.


        Thank you so much in advance!