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        I am trying to implement silent push notification in my application where I need to update some data in the server when silent notification comes. I am using Pushkit and it uses VoIP certificate for silent push notification but the app has been rejectd by Apple saying that "I can't use VoIP" certificate. It seems that apple has rejected it as I don't have any VoIP call functionality in my app. In that case how can I implement silent push notification so that my app gets activated even if it is not runnning(not even in the background) and I can update the server?

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          Silent push notifications are supported for non-VoIP apps, you just have to accept that they are delivered with lower priority.  Specifically, silent push notifications are subject to a budget and if you exceed that budget the delivery of the notification from the system to your app (which involves either resuming or relaunching your app in the background) will be delayed.

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              We currently have a VoIP app enabled app that requires silent push notifications.  This works perfectly at development environment, but fails in production. Nevertheless the apns server reports a Succeeded notification, but it never gets delivered.


              Is this a bug? any ideas how to get around this?