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        I am preparing a Search Ad campaign for a client when it will be available in France and I have some question about it :


        1. If I tap on the ad, am I redirected to the product information ? If I tap on the button "GET", do I download the app directly ? Does it count as a CPT for the Advanced formula ?


        2. About the criteria of "relevance" : how is it measured ? Through the keywords in the Title, Subtitle and Keywords set ?


        3. With Search Ads Basic, the maximal monthly budget is 5000 USD. Is it per app, per campaign or per account with several apps ? And for how long ?


        4. With Search Ads Basic, does the maximal CPI is far from the real CPI ?


        5. With Search Ads Advanced, does the CPT includes the CPI ? Or is it the same thing ? And what is the difference with the CPA, which is on the same as the CPI for me ?


        Thanks a lot for your help !



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          1. Tapping the Ad will take you to the store listing. Tapping GET will download the app. Tapping counts as a CPT.


          2. Relevance is based on a number of factors, including those you have listed.


          3. Budget is per app and for a month.


          4. What do you mean?


          5. CPI is Cost Per Install (the amount spent to acquire the user and get them to actually download the app from the advert) and CPT is Cost Per Tap (the amount spent to get the user to tap on the advert but NOT install it). You will only spend up to the maximum CPI for an install. CPA will likely be the same as CPI as CPA is Cost Per Acquisition (the amount spent to acquire a new user).