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        Is it possible to create dynamic AR application? For more detail, the AR application that I try to create will be like if you have the image, let's say bar chart image, and then put the phone and 3D come out. However, in real world bar chart have many diffrent styles and informations. So, I have to do image processing, isn't it?

        Moreover, what if I want to get the data directly when put the phone over the image (bar chart) and parse those data to the application and update the data in real-time, is it possible to do?

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          WareChameleon Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

          This depends....


          If your goal is to take a photo of a document, and then simply present it as an ARObject, then that's pretty simple.


          Whether or not these documents will be easy to read depends on how they are captured and presented.


          ARKit zooming out of most things will probably make it tricky to create that experience.


          If you want to be able to edit the document *in* AR, then that's a tough one.


          You would have to combine OCR and AR, just to get started.


          Good luck with the project... (Sounds really cool!)