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        When can we expect the next beta release?

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          best guess: tuesday.

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            After WWDC, new Versions comes last Year after 4 Weeks... and the first ones in monthly steps....


            we have to wait...

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              I’ve said this several times over the last few years, so here it is again, since someone is asking...


              The observed timeline Apple tend to follow is roughly 2 weeks between developer/public beta OS releases, the exceptions are as follows:

              • WWDC - 3 weeks (last year 4 weeks) after initial announcement/release day tends to be when beta 2 comes out
              • Emergency bug fixes can cause both early releases, and delays, which also often cause different OS’s to become out of sync
              • US Public holidays do have an effect, especially when they fall on an expected release day
              • Nearing official release often causes weekly beta releases


              WWDC often causes the extra week(s) because all of Apple’s developers are at WWDC. An obvious statement yes, but until this year I often saw complaints or arguments about when the next beta was going to come out in previous years, while this year, this is the first thread I have come across that even asks the question.

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                Told ya