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        I suppose the first question should be, looking at how often the Gameplay Kit forums is being used, and the lack of any upto date tutorials is : Should I be using Gameplay Kit or something else?


        Anyhow ....


        I am writing a dungeon game using SceneKit and I have a 3d dungeon created. Into this I have placed a wandering monster (the code for which can be found here : https://github.com/githublemming/Dungeon). The movement of the monster is currently being done in the MonsterWanderComponent which works along these lines:


        1. Select a random destination from a list of points the monster is allowed to wander too
        2. Monster wanders
        3. On reaching destination, back to 1


        Having read the limited docs, I'm thinking that I should probably be using a goal to achieve the wandering of the monster, so then I can have a 'if player is in range attack' goal and set it as a behaviour.


        There is a goal that moves to point along path, which is what the code is currently doing, but there doesn't seem to be a nice way of working out that the destination has been reached, the goal has been achieved, so I can select another destination goal.


        Am I coming at this from the right angle or should I be doing this another way?