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        After installing Mojave on my new 2017 MBP 15" (2TB comfig) i had no internat connections - at all.  No "Hard wired", no WIFI - nothing.


        I only figured this out because so many of our music apps (we're a record company) run from authiorizing serial number from the developers site on each launch of the software.  I thought "they won't work in Majave".  Untill normal things like Little Snitch kept stating "bad web address".  Good lord, we never checked the internet because the WIFI fan had a "hot" signal.  Beings how that's ONLY the radio signal... we then tried to open Safari.  That's when all revealed itself.  This just turned into a hot mess fast.


        I couldn't turn on anything.  I tried all the "fixes" on the internet that worked for High Sierra when this came up for others (we have never had a computer not see the internet by tyhe way), but nothing worked.  After all the "throw this out, restart, throw this out, restart, turn this off, restart that went on for more than 4 hours.... we noticed that some people kept saying "run Network Diagnostics iit fixed everything..." ... except they removed that from MAC starting with High Sierra and it's still gone in Mojave.


        It didn't dawn on me... "You can't even reinstall High Sierra if you don't have Internet..." so this became a bit of a mess.  If I cant get TO the internet, how do I even report the issue to BETA?  They're going to want reports, diagnostics, etc..


        So after several hours of "checking this, checking that, I restarted a 27th time, but this time I tried COMMAND + R.  Low and behold I have internet in this mode.  So I tried running what little diagnostics I could (disc untility, all the usual suspects...) finally I just tried to "reimstall".  The problem is it ONLY takes you to Mojave. 


        With nothing to loose I did a reinstall.  CLICK!


        Still no internet after restart


        With nothing to loose I tried making a new LOCATION and just called it "Apple Airport".  It finally saw the internet for "hard wire" only but.... it runs very very very slow.  How slow?  We have a 997mbps connection with Cox Communications.  It's called "Gygablast" I think.  We're talking downloading an 8GB bluray movie in seconds not hours or minutes - really fast... but with Mojave finally at least seeing the internet, it takes up fo 4-5 minutes (that's minutes not nanseconds - MINUTES!) to load any pages.  I choose relable web pages that tradiationally load fast: Apple Develpoper, Amazon, Cox, my own company's home page - all pages 4-5 minutes each.  I actually thought it STILL wasn't working, until I took a tech call.  During the process of helping them, my first web page came up, but I notived how slow.  So I started a stop watch whule I talked.  Yep, really slow.


        I know I finally at least HAVE the internet, yet still no WIFI. but does ANYONE have any ideas??