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        I'm building an app that allows users to buy "themes". The themes are created as IAPs that will be used with Apple's Hosted Content feature so users download them when they purchase it. 

        To create my IAP content, I created a new target of type "In-App Purchase Content" and created the IAPs in iTunes Connect. I'm archiving the IAP within Xcode and trying to upload it, which gives me this error: 

        No application records were found. 
        In-app purchase content must be ready for upload on iTunes Connect before it can be validated or submitted from within Xcode. 

        Here's a couple of things to keep in mind: 

        1. I do not have any pending agreements. 
        2. The Product ID on iTunes Connect matches the Product ID on my In-App Purchase Content target. 
        3. The IAPs in question have the status "waiting for upload". 
        4. If it matters, my themes are simply .plist files. I verified they are getting correctly bundled in the resulting pkg.
        5. This app is still under development and it has never hit the App Store yet. 

        1. Create a new In-App Purchase. 
        2. Enable Hosted Content for this IAP. 
        3. Give it a valid product ID using reverse DNS notation. (com.fairese.Mignori.IAP.ThemeCollection for example). 
        4. Fill in all the required metadata until the status of the IAP changes to "Waiting for Upload". 
        5. On Xcode, create a new project or target of type "In-App Purchase Content". Give it the same Product ID you created on Step 3. 
        6. Drag some plist files (this is because my IAPs are plist files) at the same level of the ContentInfo.plist file of the new target or project. 
        7. If you created a new target, make it the active target. 
        8. Archive the In-App Purchase Content IAP and wait for the organizer Window to show up. 
        9. Under the "In-App Purchases" section in organizer, select your newly created In-App Purchase Content. 
        10. Click "Upload to App Store...". 
        11. If prompted to select a development team, select the development team that has the app that owns the IAP you are trying to upload. Click next. 
        12. The next screen will attempt to load the Product IDs (I assume), but it will fail with the error "No application records were found."


        Has anyone dealt with this? I have been searching like crazy for a solution for this, but I can't manage to upload my hosted content to Apple. A bit of a bummer the functionality was removed from Application Loader in latest versions.