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        Hi all,

        In my app, I have a server that I upload wav recording to (encoded as base64). The server saves them in a db, and exposes a service to get the files back for playing. Eventually I have a web link in the form of "https://www.myserver.com/FindSoundFile?id=<GUID>"


        So I send this link to my users in an SMS or TEXT message:

        "Hi, I sent you a voice message, to hear it click this: https://www.myserver.com/FindSoundFile?id=<GUID>"


        When the recieving person taps the link on his/her phone, the link is opened using the device browser, which calls the server, the server in response streams the wav file back.


        On android this causes the wav recording to be played by any installed music player.


        On iPhone - it used to work, but now it just shows an error screen.


        Can anyone help here?

        Thought it was a "content-type" thing, but tried "audio/wav" and "audio/x-wav" to no avail...




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          Hi takephone,


          can I ask you how you were able to retrieve the audio file from the place you have saved the audio file? I have recorded an audio file and saved it in the document directory, but I could just use NSData to retrieve the file, but then it is in binary format. I really need to get the audio file since I need to store the audio file in the server. Can you share your approach?


          Here is my code:



          Thank you very much.