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        Hello, my name is Joe and I am 16 years old and I am learning Swift and I am making an AR app. I am slowly diving into everything and I am starting to make characters in a program called MagicaVoxel which is like Qubicle, which games like Crossy Road used. The program has an in built renderer and when I export it as an obj file and I put it into Xcode and convert it to SCN file everything seems fine. However, when I put an ambient light in the scene and make it a little brighter the object is much more unsaturated while in the program is much more saturated. It looks a lot better in the program and I am thinking that is from the renderer but I was wondering how can I make it look more saturated and just a lot "better"? It just doesn't look good. Please note that I exported the obj and it came with a diffuse color texture and I applied it and the color and everything was right it was just not as polished. How can I make it look as good as it was in the render? Thank you!