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        I'm currently writing software for a HomeKit accessory that is going to be communicating over BLE. I've written iOS software that uses both EAWiFiUnconfiguredAccessoryBrowser and HMAccessoryBrowser but neither of their delegate methods get called when I add a device to the HomeKit Accessory Simulator.


        Here are some things I have observed:

        • I can see the simulated accessories from the Home app on a real iOS device if I push the "I dont have a code" button
        • The start searching functions on my browsers are being called properly
        • My delegate is set for both browsers
        • My mac and my iPhone are connected to the same WiFi network with no firewall
        • I cannot see the accessories on the iOS simulator either
        • I can see the accessories in the HomeKit Accessory Tester


        I understand that the HomeKit Accessory Simulator can only create IP devices, besides my mac, but shouldn't I be able to see those? Nobody else seems to have the problem and there don't seem to be any special steps that I'm missing.