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        What does this mean in layman terms. I've been rejected from the store for this reason.


        Guideline 2.3.8 - Performance - Accurate Metadata


        We noticed the app icon displayed on the device and the large icon displayed on the App Store do not sufficiently match, which makes it difficult for users to find the app they just downloaded.


        Specifically, the app icon displayed on the device is blank.


        Please see attached screenshots for details.


        Next Steps


        To resolve this issue, please update the smaller device icon to match the larger App Store icon. When users search for your app on their devices, they should be able to recognize it from the icon on the App Store.




        Since the large app icon will be displayed for your app on the desktop App Store, we recommend you provide an attractive, original icon that meets the following requirements for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad apps:


        - 512px square (do not scale-up smaller artwork, as this could appear pixelated and blurry)

        - 72ppi, RGB, flattened, no transparency

        - High quality JPEG,TIFF, or PNG image file format. (ZIP-compressed TIFF files are not acceptable)


        You can also preview image files before submitting them by clicking the filename to view them in a separate window. Note that the small icon that you include inside your app's binary will be used on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad Home screen when installed. For more on icon sizes, please review App Icons on iPad and iPhone.


        For resources on creating eye-catching icons, you may want to review the App Store Product Page information available on the Apple developer portal.



        I have changed all the icons but still, the app got rejected. I am using icons created from https://makeappicon.com site.


        I have checked both icons are looking same. Why is app getting rejected?


        Suggest me another website for app icon creator.


        Please reply as soon as possible